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How the Obama-Biden economy has outperformed Trump's

Yahoo Finance's Rick Newman joins Kristin Myers to discuss the differences between Obama and Trump's economy.

Video Transcript

KRISTIN MYERS: For those of you that don't know, our own Rick Newman actually has been keeping a scorecard of Trump's economy and has also scored a Biden-- an Obama-Biden economy, excuse me. So we have Rick here with us now. So Rick, talk to us about Trump has done-- how well Trump has done.

RICK NEWMAN: Well, people have to make this comparison, I realize, and I'm tired of doing it myself. But people are still making comparisons between the Trump economy and the Obama-Biden economy. And of course, Joe Biden is running, to some extent, on the Obama-Biden record, and Trump is running on the Donald Trump record.

So if you take it all the way through the October of the fourth year of each president's term, Trump, in our measure, gets a C on the economy. That's better than some people might think, given that we've lost 11 million jobs around this coronavirus recession. At the same point in the Obama-Biden economy, the economy would have earned a B-plus grade.

So a couple notches better for Obiden-- for Biden. I just called Joe Biden Obiden, I guess I'm not the first person to do that. But if you actually go back to February before the coronavirus really exploded here, Trump actually did get a better grade on the economy than Obama and Biden would have gotten at the same point in their presidency.

And we've got a story on our site with a lot of charts that show you exactly why this is. But-- so this tells you how important the coronavirus recession has been to President Trump's odds and how they've probably hurt his odds, obviously, going into Election Day.

KRISTIN MYERS: Well, talk to us now about the other article that you have up on our site, which is the upsides to a Trump victory.

RICK NEWMAN: Well, like many people, I've been reading and listening to all the analysis of the Trump presidency over the weekend in these last couple days, as it appears the Trump presidency may be about to end. And of course, there's all the hand-wringing about the terrible things that have happened during the Trump presidency. He got impeached for abusing his power, with regard to investigating Ukraine, and all the corruption scandals and so forth.

I'm one of those critics who has followed all this and been, you know, very outspoken against Trump and his dishonesty. But I think some good could really come out of the Trump presidency if it, in fact, ends in two months. Because Trump has actually done us a favor in some ways by really showing us where the damage is in US institutions.

I mean, for example, he's been able to exert far more executive authority than a lot of prior presidents, and that's probably something we're going to have to examine afterward. Trump has shown us the power of appealing to White working class voters who feel justifiably that Washington politicians don't care about them anymore.

I mean, he's partly right about that, and some other things. So we could learn a lot of lessons from the Trump presidency. And of course, it's possible he's going to win. And we weren't-- we won't be learning those lessons, or at least we won't learn them until 2024, another four years from now.