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Ocasio-Cortez gets 439k views playing 'Among Us' on Twitch

Yahoo Finance's Melody Hahm explains the latest video game obsession - Among Us.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: Melody, you're following AOC who's making some waves, right?

MELODY HAHM: Yeah, I mean, the first era of COVID-19 was specifically looking at "Animal Crossing" as the phenomenon among gamers. Now, it's a game called "Among Us," which has been around since 2018, but it has gained popularity over the last couple of months as people are in lockdown. And AOC took to Twitch, Amazon streaming platform last night, and streamed for three and a half hours playing this game. It's basically "Mafia" where there's one or two individuals who are surreptitiously trying to kind of fake out the rest of the group and pretend that they're a regular citizen. But in reality, they're the ones who are kind of demonic in a certain degree.

It's a very fun game. I have played it myself, and the streams actually peaked at about 439,000, and I just checked Twitch right now, there are about 3.9 million views of the stream as of now. The video does live on as a video on demand.

The company that actually created this game is called Inner Sloth, and it's a really small startup based in Redmond, Washington. I do expect that they'll continue to gain more traction, perhaps become an acquisition target during this time. And it's fascinating, because "Inner Sloth," that company, actually canceled "Among Us 2" last month, because the first game had gained so much popularity. Of course, during the stream, AOC did mention, please vote, please register to vote, please vote, repeatedly, but that was basically the extent of the political discussion, which was very refreshing for people on both sides of the aisle.