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Olympic figure skater is doing her part to save Korean dogs

Canadian pairs skater Meagan Duhamel took home gold at the 2018 Winter games in PyeongChang, South Korea. She and team Canada came in first in the team skate competition. Off the ice, the animal-loving athlete is raising awareness about South Korea’s dog meat industry and the abuse of canines.

Last year, Duhamel adopted dachshund mix Mootae through the rescue organization Free Korean Dogs. The skater and her cute companion do everything together — including meditate. She wrote on Instagram, “Now that Mootae is free from the Korean Dog Meat Industry, he enjoys lounging in the sunshine in the safety of his home.”

Duhamel has teamed up with Free Korean Dogs to save innocent pups and bring them home so they can be adopted by other families. According to the organization’s founder, more than two million dogs are tortured and killed for their meat each year. Dog meat dishes are served as a delicacy throughout South Korea. Duhamel hopes her fellow athletes will also help and give these dog meat farm survivors a fresh start.