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One-eyed cat gets a second chance to become the perfect pet

Sweet Odin was taken to a local shelter and dropped off because his family thought he was too energetic and had behavioral problems. They didn’t realize Odin was just being a playful kitty. To make matters worse, the shelter was asked to put the cute cat to sleep. The shelter decided to keep Odin alive and help him. The first step was to remove his severely infected eye.

Despite his missing eye and the rough patch he had gone through with his previous family, Odin found his forever home with new mom Alaina. She told a blog called The Dodo: “We met him, and were told the story behind him. It was so upsetting to hear what he had dealt with, and the love he needed going forward. We decided to adopt him.”

Odin’s new family is the best! They’ve totally embraced his playful side, and the love is mutual. “He's very quirky. Overall, he’s a big sweet fluffy baby,” they write.

It’s hard for Odin’s owner to believe anyone would want to give him away, and he’s become the perfect addition to their family.