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People are confused by Fergie's sexy National Anthem

The NBA All Star Game was certainly entertaining — even if for the all the wrong reasons. Grammy winning singer Fergie opened the show with the National Anthem, and people immediately hated her rendition.

The singer took creative liberties with the traditional song, and while she was remembered the words and was perfectly in pitch, the audience didn’t care for her rendition. The NBA players themselves seemed confused as they listened live.

Audiences watching from home them chimed in with their thoughts. Almost unanimously, Fergie was reamed on Twitter for her performance.

Then, of course, social media couldn’t help but get political their their responses. Some even took jabs at President Donald Trump.

Obviously, Fergie was trending last night for her performance, but because the internet is a uniquely amazing space, another trend was born. People began posting their own versions of the National Anthem with the hashtag #SingItLikeFergieChallenge. The result was arguably more awful than the original rendition.

But hey, at least they had fun, right?