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'Plane Bae' gushes over new love interest after stranger live-tweeted their in-flight romance

After this real-life romance went viral on Twitter, the lovebirds were quickly identified — and get this: The hunky guy is former pro soccer player and model Euan Holden! He, along with Rosey Blair and Houston Hardaway, appeared on NBC’s Today show; the woman named Helen chose not to be on camera.

Holden gushed over Helen, saying: “She's a very, very lovely girl. She's very attractive, beautiful.”

He added that they are planning to meet again soon.

This Twitter story is the in-flight rom-com of the summer. As if ripped from a tagline of a ’90s romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, a woman may have just cast herself as the lead's best friend.

Rosey Blair shared on Twitter an epic romantic story. It has everything: quirky, fun characters, two beautiful personal trainers as the lead, a slow, flight-long unfolding tale of "will they or won't they?"

As every good romantic comedy begins, it starts with a meet-cute. Blair wasn't initially sitting next to her boyfriend on an airplane, so she asked a woman to trade seats with her. When the woman agreed, she turned to her boyfriend and said, "I hope she meets the love of her life."