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Plus-sized models now a permanent fixture on 'Project Runway' season 16

On season 16 of Project Runway, plus-sized models are being used as model regulars for the very first time in the show's 13 year run. The models range in size from size 2 to size 22. While this was a definite win for body inclusivity, not all of the designers were in their element. The industry isn't particularly plus sized friendly which is surprising since the average American woman is a size 16. It certainly seems to make basic economic sense.

Although some of the designers were intimidated and bit out of their element, most of them were wholeheartedly on board rolling out a variety of synonyms to use beside the dreaded "fat." Plus-size, curvy, bootylicious, full figured, Rubenesque and hourglass were alternate words that rolled off their tongues. Designer, Ayana, said, "I don't have any personal feelings towards the wording, as long as a plus-size model is not seen as a problem-size model."