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Poor Guy Doesn't See Awkward Break-Up Coming on 'The Bachelorette'

Rachel took Jack on a one-on-one date this week on The Bachelorette and it did not go the way he would have liked. Although, he loved everything leading up to the last few minutes of the date.

Throughout the date, Jack would say things like "After tonight, I can definitely see myself falling for Rachel." While Rachel was saying things like, "It's been easy. It's been comfortable. But what's been missing for me is the romantic aspect, the passion, and that's what I needed from him tonight."

The awkward moment that should've been a sign that things weren't going so hot, was when Rachel claimed she had a cold to avoid kissing Jack. As he leaned in, she slightly leaned away, saying, "You're gonna get sick. You're gonna get sick. I'm contagious."

While that moment was cringe-worthy, the worst was at the end of the date when Rachel had to break the news that he wasn't getting a rose. Jack really didn't have any idea it was coming, and after she told him, he just sat a stared at her while nodding his head for a solid 15 seconds before Rachel started talking again.

It's really too bad. Jack seems like a very nice guy, he was just blinded by love, before he was blindsided by Rachel.