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President Trump faces “big divide” with Senate Republicans on stimulus: HuffPost Senior Reporter Arthur Delaney

HuffPost Senior Reporter Arthur Delaney discusses how far Congress is on getting a new stimulus deal done.

Video Transcript

ARTHUR DELANEY: That's a terrific point. There clearly is, and always has been, a big divide between traditional Capitol Hill Republicans and their lobbyists and President Trump, who has always had a sort of liberal economic policy agenda, where he supports paying money to workers and dishing out checks. He doesn't care how much it's going to cost. That's actually really popular with all voters-- not just Democrats, also Republicans. But the Republican elite hates that.

And that, you know, that may be another reason that Nancy Pelosi is hesitant to make a deal with Trump-- because what if Mitch McConnell doesn't let it get a vote? We already know that a majority of Senate Republicans, who could be crucial here, don't like this. It would be a handful of Senate Republicans, and then the Democrats, who passed this.

So-- and there are different incentives for them, you know. Did they not like it just because they think Trump is toast and don't want to waste money helping him? Do they not like it just because they hate giving money to workers, because that's a burden on employers who may have to raise wages due to the macroeconomic effect of all that money sloshing around? There are a few reasons that Republicans might be against it, and that could also be factoring into Nancy Pelosi's hesitancy to agree to the White House deal.