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‘Rally Granny’ makes Steve Harvey squirm with talk of flashing her bare chest

85-year-old Betty True, aka “Rally Granny,” made headlines when she flashed her chest during a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. And the now famous Dodger fan kept the hot streak going when she visited Steve Harvey’s new show, Steve.

Harvey asked True, “How do you top this, how do you top flashing 42,000 people?” And the sharp tongue fan replied, “Maybe do it without a bra next time.”

Her response threw Harvey for loop, as the surprised host said, “I just want you to be my momma. I just want you to be this sweet lady that I go over to and we get cookies, and we sit up at the house… I don't want to turn the TV on, and you done took your bra off.”

Despite be a little flustered, Harvey later admitted, “you're my favorite guest so far.”