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Real life 'Black Mirror' – there's a photo op in LA you can only access with 20K followers

One of Los Angeles’s many quirks is that groups of young 20-somethings plan an entire afternoon around which mural is the most ideal for Instagram.

Among the most famous pieces of graffiti to pose in front of are wings, perchance a play on the “City of Angels” nickname. This mural is the latest of the “wing” variety to pop up, but there is a catch. To take a selfie in front of this mural, you have to be social media famous.

The mural is protected by a security guard who, it seems, will see if you have a verified check next to your Twitter name or at least 20,000 followers before you’re allowed to enter.

Sound familiar? Many have likened the restrictions to the famous Black Mirror episode, ‘Nosedive,’ which features Bryce Dallas Howard tragically trying to keep up appearances for social rankings.

Naturally, this has caused plenty of people to lose hope in our future generations.