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Reality show bride arrested during honeymoon for stalking her ex

Complete strangers who have never spent time together get married with the hopes of spending the rest of their lives together. What could go wrong?

On Married at First Sight, newlyweds Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson were en route to their honeymoon, when Bally was mysteriously detained at the airport. "Mia has been detained. I don't know what's going on. They said there was a warrant out for her arrest and she is in the back. They separated us," explained Thompson, who also shared, "I'm feeling like this isn't real. I'm feeling confused. I'm feeling anxious. Like, I don't know what the heck is going on."

It was only day two of the couple's marriage and, apparently, the warrant out for Bally's arrest wasn't just a surprise to Thompson. According to the show's executive producer, Eric Detwiler, the warrant was allegedly filed the day after the producers received their full background check report on Bally.

According to Thompson in the episode, the warrant issued for Bally's arrest read that Bally was charged with three counts of stalking and one for credit card fraud. "What I just read is very, very troubling. So she was stalking her ex-boyfriend. You know, it's obviously, this was a big risk. You don't know who it is that you're marrying," stated Thompson. "I was actually really falling for Mia, and falling for her hard, and now this document is showing that she may be a stalker and may have committed credit card fraud on her previous boyfriend. This is my worst nightmare." Not knowing who he just got legally married to, Thompson was very nervous. However, he believed that there are two sides to every story and, after two days in custody, Bally got the chance to tell her side of the story when she was reunited with her husband.

According to Bally, she was completely unaware about the warrant and claimed that her car was stolen by someone who then stole her identity. Bally shared with her personal camera, "My car was stolen with all of my information still in there. So, the police say that it is identity theft and that I guess whoever stole my car also used my information to access whatever other charges they did. They wouldn't tell me everything since it ended up not being me." Strangely, Bally also stated that she felt anxious about the fact that Thompson had already seen the police report and, when she asked her husband to see it, things didn't quite add up.

When Thompson asked his wife about the man's name listed on the report, Bally was quick to respond that his name "doesn't even ring a bell." However, just five seconds later, after Thompson asked her, "So you don't know who that is?" Bally then changed her response, saying, "I mean, I know of him. Like, through just mutual friends. I mean, small town."

Fans have since begun to dig around into Bally's past and, according to multiple sites, the police report stated that Bally was stalking her ex-boyfriend, named Jared Evans, up until two months before she appeared on the show.

We'll have to wait to see how the season plays out to find out if Bally is really telling the truth or not but, until then, best of luck to Thompson who chose to trust Bally and stand by her side. "I'm choosing to stay by Mia's side even though I just met her," stated Thompson. "I really don't know her, but I still care for her. She's still my wife. God has a plan, and God's plan for me is Mia."