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What It's Really Like to be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Network partner Jen Hacker tagged along with RicherPoorer and a group of 6 entrepreneurs to capture their adventures and the lessons they learned from one another along the way.

Iva Pawling, the co-founder of RicherPoorer dreamt up the concept for the #JustMore weekend. She believed that entrepreneurs have more to gain from one another than lose and that they have more to offer than they think.

She also knows first hand that being an entrepreneur can often times feel very isolating. She wanted to create an experience that brought together entrepreneurs to have this opportunity to connect and learn from one another.

So she picked 6 entrepreneurs from different industries and with different backgrounds to break free from their day to day and retreat to Hawaii for one weekend together. The goal was simple: for everyone to be open and honest about their experiences, challenges, and advice. Her hope? That every entrepreneur leave feeling they'd gained valuable connections with others who know what they are going through and more confidence in the journey that lay before them.

The name JustMore came from the idea that we can all do more: Offer more, help more, receive more, laugh more, drink more, give more, be more as an individual, a brand, a company. Because there is more to be done and we can do it better with the one another.