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Recapping contentious 2020 presidential debate

Yahoo Finance’s Jessica Smith recaps the first presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: But we want to go to Yahoo Finance's Jessica Smith. She's going to recap what we all witnessed last night at this historic debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

JESSICA SMITH: Yeah Adam, it was a very chaotic debate. President Trump spent much of the night interrupting Vice President Biden, speaking over both Biden and the moderator. We really didn't hear a lot of specific policy proposals from President Trump or even a vision for his second term in the White House. He spent most of the time really focused on going after Vice President Biden.

The President did not denounce white supremacy when he was directly asked to. He launched a personal attack on Hunter Biden. He railed against mail-in voting, and he really ignored the rules that had been established for the debate beforehand. In response, Biden called President Trump a liar. He called him a racist and a clown. Biden, at times, just turned to the camera, trying to ignore President Trump and address the nation. Here's a sampling of some of what we saw last night.


JOE BIDEN: Vote now.

DONALD TRUMP: Are you going to pack the Court?

JOE BIDEN: Make sure you, in fact, let people know-- your senator.

DONALD TRUMP: He doesn't want to answer the question.

JOE BIDEN: I'm not going answer the question, because--

DONALD TRUMP: Why wouldn't you answer that question? You want to put a lot of--

JOE BIDEN: Because the question is--

DONALD TRUMP: --new Supreme Court Justice--

JOE BIDEN: The question is-- The question--

DONALD TRUMP: Radical left--

JOE BIDEN: Will you shut up, man?

DONALD TRUMP: Who is your-- Listen-- Chris, that was the worst part of Obama.

CHRIS WALLACE: You're debating him, not me. Let me ask my question.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I'll-- I'll ask Joe.


DONALD TRUMP: The individual mandate was the most unpopular aspect--


DONALD TRUMP: --of Obamacare--

CHRIS WALLACE: Mr. President--

DONALD TRUMP: --I got rid of it.

CHRIS WALLACE: --I'd like you to--

DONALD TRUMP: And we will protect people with pre-existing conditions.

CHRIS WALLACE: Mr. President, I'm the moderator of this debate.

DONALD TRUMP: What do you want to call them? Give me a name. Give me a name.

CHRIS WALLACE: White supremacists.

DONALD TRUMP: Go ahead-- and who would you like me to condemn?

CHRIS WALLACE: White supremacists and right-wing militia.

DONALD TRUMP: Proud Boys, stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what, somebody's got to do something about Antifa and the left.


JESSICA SMITH: President Trump repeatedly tried to tie Vice President Biden to the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Biden did try to distance himself from the far-left wing of his party. He rejected the Green New Deal, defunding police, abolishing private health insurance. He said, at one point, "I am the democratic party," trying to stress that he is the one setting the agenda for the party right now.

We will see if there are any format changes, any new rules, going into the second and third debates. There is already talk from pundits that maybe there should not be a second or third debate, because what we saw last night just wasn't really productive. I don't think many people learned anything new throughout that debate, so we'll be watching what the commission has to say in the coming days.