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Recent Jeff Bezos tweets prompt speculation over potential political aspirations

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has recently become more vocal on Twitter about political issues like President Biden's response to inflation, which has some wondering whether or not he'll consider a political run in the future.

Video Transcript

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Speaking of billionaire status, you may have noticed that Elon Musk isn't the only one being more vocal on Twitter. We've obviously seen Jeff Bezos weighing in, giving his hot takes on his response to President Biden, talking about the relationship between inflation and putting more taxes on the wealthy. And that's prompted one writer to ask, hey, is this political involvement about Jeff Bezos potentially running for office? Seana, what do you think?

SEANA SMITH: You know, it'd be interesting. I don't know whether or not-- I think a lot of these, whenever former CEOs, whenever they step down, whenever they take on the chairmanship role, I think there's lots of questions out there about what their aspirations could be. It sounds similar to what the talk about it. It happened with Howard Schultz, Bob Iger when he stepped down from Disney, Jamie Dimon still at JPMorgan, but lots of talk about whether or not he would run for president. I don't think we can count anything out, I think that's safe to say, after President Trump. But I don't know if he's going to be in the White House. What do you think?

DAVE BRIGGS: I actually-- yes, I do think he's going to make a run for it. Here's the thing. We don't know much about Jeff Bezos's politics. We know that if you read the tea leaves, he sounds like a fiscal conservative. He sounds like a social libertarian. And guess what? That is the largest political party in the country by a mile. The middle, the independents, that is the biggest party, and it ain't close. And maybe that's what he wants to do here. I've always said the only one that could pull this off is someone that can self-finance, someone that can break all the rules. They don't have to rely on the far-right or the far-left. Maybe Jeff Bezos is that guy.

Look, I don't think anyone wants-- and I'm not going to get into Trump versus Biden. But I don't think anyone wants an 82-year-old Joe Biden running against a 78-year-old Donald Trump, who just had a riot at the Capitol. Look, I think someone like a Mark Cuban or a Jeff Bezos or the Rock is going to come off the sideline and take a shot at it.

SEANA SMITH: We'll see. We'll see whether or not he's able to shake things up.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: How did I know you were going to bring the Rock back into this? Somebody always manages to [INAUDIBLE]

SEANA SMITH: That's who he wants. That's who he wants, the Rock.

DAVE BRIGGS: I do. I do want to vote for the Rock. I do. You're right. It's a problem.

SEANA SMITH: The Rock and Mark Cuban. That's who's on Dave's ticket.

DAVE BRIGGS: Although I texted a close friend of Mark Cuban's just an hour ago and he said nope, no way.

SEANA SMITH: He's not doing it?


SEANA SMITH: I wonder if he would do vice president.

DAVE BRIGGS: I'll keep my hopes up for a businessman to run down the center.