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Rescue dogs get their shot in the spotlight at '2018 American Rescue Dog Show'

Hallmark Channel's first-ever 2018 American Rescue Dog Show was not your average swanky dog show.

Hosted by Rich Eisen and Rebecca Romijn, the show featured rescue pups, who competed in categories like Best in Talking, Kissing, Listening, Fetching, Couch Potato, Senior Dog, Underbite, Snoring, Special Needs, and Wiggle Butt.

After asking people to submit dogs that were from a shelter or rescue organization, 52 dogs were selected to compete in the semi-finalist categories for a shot at a $25,000 grant for the rescue organization he/she was adopted from, and the coveted title of "Best in Rescue."

To help promote adopting not shopping, the lucky dogs showed off their irresistibly cute talents, like doodle mix Lizzy, who demonstrated her kissing skills as her owner held her like a baby, and a Peruvian Inca Orchid/German Shepherd mix, named Hazel, who was capable of verbally showing her love for her owner by "talking."

However, it was ol' Jackie, who won "Best in Senior Dog," who ultimately ran away with the judges' hearts and bragging rights as this year's "Best in Rescue."