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Russell Wilson, Antonio Brown, and other NFL stars show off new touchdowns celebrations

The NFL season kicked off Thursday night and, this year, they changed the rules to allow touchdown celebrations. So on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy had some of the league’s biggest stars show off some of their best dance moves.

Seattle Seahawks star, Russell Wilson, did the “I Can’t Dance” celebration, where he awkwardly danced before walking away. Russell’s teammate, Michael Bennett, did the “Microwave Burrito,” that included him pretending to put a burrito in a microwave, wait for it, and then take it out and spike it like a football.

The celebrations still can’t be violent or sexual in nature, like the hilarious Key & Peele sketch that had “McCringleberry” thrusting his hips. So Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver, Randall Cobb, found another way to move his hips. Cobb said, “My touchdown celebration dance is ‘The bad hula hoop,’” and then pretended to hula hoop, but the hoop kept falling to the ground.

Denver Broncos star, and Super Bowl 50 MVP, Von Miller, strutted around doing the “Sexy T-Rex.” Indianapolis Colts wide receiver, T.Y. Hilton, did the “Slow Mo Nice Happy Guy Dance.” And Washington Redskins tight end, Vernon Davis, did the “Steph Curry.” Although, the biggest and best celebration was Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver, Antonio Brown’s, Titanic celebration. Brown said, “My touchdown celebration is called, ‘Jack, I'm flying,’ and then he mimicked the scene from Titanic where Rose was on the front of the ship, holding her arms out.