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Samsung's foldable phones: What to know about the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4

Yahoo Finance tech editor Dan Howley details everything you need to know about Samsung's newest foldable Galaxy phones.

Video Transcript

- Samsung is releasing its latest flip phone. The latest phones out today include huge tablet-like screens and major multitasking capabilities.

Yahoo Finance's tech reporter, Dan Howley, is back with us with all the details. You know, I'm Team Samsung, Dan, so what can you tell us?

DAN HOWLEY: All right. So right now, we have the Samsung Galaxy Flip, Galaxy Z Flip 4. That's this bad boy right here. And we have the Z Fold 4. That's this bad boy right here. And I just want to give you an idea of what we're talking about.

This is the Z Flip. And you may know it. You may not. But this is one of Samsung's more affordable foldables. This is $999. So not exactly super affordable. But it does fold down in half. The idea is that you can close it like a compact. I'll just give you the nice little snap that it has to offer.


There's that little closing snap. Now you could pop it back open. The real benefit here, according to Samsung, at least, is that you can fold the phone in half and do things like watch videos on the top half and control them on the bottom half. You can also use it as a really nifty way to prop up your camera and then control taking photos down here and use up here as a viewfinder. Separately, there's a screen on the outside here that you can also use as a viewfinder.

Let me just pull up the camera. There we go. We got the little camera going right now, staring back at you guys in the camera. So you know, it's an interesting device. But the functionality that you get out of a real phone you only get when you unfold it. So I often found myself thinking, I just wish I could have my phone open all the time so I can get access to it. So I think for the average user, it may not be exactly what they want, especially if you're used to something like a flat screen phone. The foldable option, though, is really cool.

And then we also have the Fold here. This has a gigantic tablet-like display. You could just see it in my hand, I mean, it's massive. You need like dinner plate hands to use it, if you want to use it as a regular phone. But then, if you press down in the middle, you could fold it over. And there you go, you have a kind of book-like fold there down the middle. It's great for watching videos. This, as well, you can use in its so-called flex mode. That's where you can use the top half for certain apps. Here again, we have the photo app open, or the camera app. You have controls at the bottom.

But interesting, it also does have a kind of multitasking built in at the bottom, where you can, say, have things like other apps running and then you can run them all side by side. So it's very, very cool. But it does have an outer front screen, but it is very, very expensive. We're talking $1,799. So not exactly affordable for most people. But I do think some people with a niche for high tech stuff might enjoy this one better.

- All right. Always good to have you on the show. Dan Howley there, have a good weekend.