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'Scandal' Recap: The National Nightmare Comes to Bloody End

For a good portion of this season of Scandal, Olivia Pope and all of her associates have been tormented by the mysterious Mr. Peus and Miss Ruland. The two have been controlling Papa Pope, they were behind the assassination of Governor Vargas, and Miss Ruland personally killed Elizabeth North. Although, their reign of terror finally came to a bloody end on Thursday's episode.

After Olivia "took back" Mellie and detained Ruland, Peus used drones to start attacking American cities. After exploding two of the drones, causing dozens of deaths, Peus threatened to continue the terror attacks until Ruland was released and Mellie was under his control again.

Since getting any information out of Ruland proved to be difficult, Olivia and Fitz went to Rowan for help. While Rowan resisted at first, he finally agreed to help. Although, it wasn't the help Olivia was expecting because Rowan stole a gun from the guard and broke Ruland out of her windowless room. But it was all part of the master plan, as his little stunt brought Peus to him, which brought Jake to Peus. Jake shot and killed Peus, while Rowan killed Ruland with a tooth from his T-Rex.

So with Peus and Ruland now dead, surely Scandal will now be nothing but sunshine and rainbows.