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Scarlett Learns the Sex of Her Baby on 'Nashville'

On Nashville, Scarlett O'Connor was just trying to have a nice lunch with a reporter when all heck broke loose. After the reporter shared a story about an affair she had with Damien George, Scarlett kind let on that she "really understood" his charm.

The reporter ended up putting two and two together and soon had a befuddled Scarlett indirectly spilling her guts. Once it hit the news, Gunnar was extremely upset saying, "How could you tell her, Scarlett?..How could you do this?" Gunnar ended up leaving to blow off some steam.

While all alone, Scarlett found out that she is having a little girl. Fortunately, Deacon Claybourne showed up and she had someone to share the happy news with. His response was, "That's just about the biggest news that I have ever heard!"

Then he gave his Scarlett a warm hug and told her "You're gonna be a great mama. And you are gonna raise an amazing little girl, you are...You just love her, the rest will follow."