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Scoot Henderson won’t be ‘shutting it down’ for the NBA Draft

Yahoo Sports NBA Draft analyst Krysten Peek sat down with projected Top 2 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft Scoot Henderson to discuss his playing status after his nose injury, the comparisons he gets to Victor Wembanyama, and what he’s most looking forward to in the NBA.

Video Transcript


KRYSTEN PEEK: I'm Krysten Peek here with G League Ignite Guard, Scoot Henderson. We're at the G League winter showcase in Las Vegas. Scoot is not playing. He's dealing with an injury.

Scoot even sidelined for a few weeks. Give us an update. When do we expect to see you back on the court?

SCOOT HENDERSON: It's really a day by day thing. But I'm feeling great, you know? No injury or anything like that, I feel like I'm just, you know, taking my time and getting my rhythm back to get back on the court.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Is it just precaution with the concussion protocol that you're dealing with?

SCOOT HENDERSON: It's more like, you know, getting back in shape and just getting my rhythm back in practice, getting more practices. We haven't been able to practice a whole lot. So I'm just trying to get as many reps in and even before and after.

KRYSTEN PEEK: You know, there's this notion of top players shutting it down. And you're projected top player in this draft. Are you anticipating returning with your team and playing the rest of the season?

SCOOT HENDERSON: Of course, I-- I don't like that. Personally, I don't like that. So I'm just-- I'm going to play whenever. If I feel good, I'm a play. You know what I'm saying?

KRYSTEN PEEK: We've talked about your leadership on the court and now kind of being sidelined. I've seen your leadership off the court. Where have you seen growth in that area, just kind of having to sit out these games and still support your team?

SCOOT HENDERSON: Just being able to give my teammates feedback, seeing what I see on the sideline and, you know, being that-- like, the young voice. I know players don't always want to hear it from their coaches a whole lot, just keep saying the same thing over. But I feel like it's just different when it's coming from a peer or a teammate, you know, they're close with. So I feel like I just try to provide that.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Yeah, I mean, it's you and Victor [INAUDIBLE] at the top of the draft. Have you been able to keep tabs on what he's doing over in France at all?

SCOOT HENDERSON: Nah it just be highlights on my phone, like, you know, him doing good. So all well to him for sure.

KRYSTEN PEEK: I mean, do you anticipate, like-- you had the thing in Vegas in October. And it was crazy. It was Victor, versus Scoot, Scoot, versus Victor. Do you anticipate your names being tied together throughout your career in the similar fashion as Luka Doncic and Trae Young, you know, kind of in the draft and throughout their career?

SCOOT HENDERSON: I mean, if that's what people want to continue to do, yeah. But I don't look forward to, you know, being tied to anybody. I'm just here to work, get the league, and try to dominate.

KRYSTEN PEEK: There's a lot of guards projected in this lottery. What separates you from being that runaway favorite as, like, the top guard in this class?

SCOOT HENDERSON: I just feel like I try to bring that leadership and my personality to the team. And then, on the court it's probably just being more vocal, and, you know, my talent and my God-given ability. Everybody is different.

KRYSTEN PEEK: So I mean, this is your second year in the G League. You're playing NBA rules. You're getting more used to NBA's spacing. What sort of advantage does that give you going into the NBA next year?

SCOOT HENDERSON: It gives me a heads up, really. You know, I know I'm-- I feel like I'm used to the bump by now. I don't want to say I perfect it or whatever. But I feel like I'm just still getting used to that.

Spacing is great. I can just drive and kick whenever we need a three or whenever we need a good possession, a good shot. So I'm just getting used to it, you know, trying to get comfortable with the court, you know, still running sprints or whatnot, still staying in shape.

KRYSTEN PEEK: What are you most looking forward to, getting to the league?

SCOOT HENDERSON: Probably playing, like, all those games, you know, I feel like that'd be crazy. Like, they play a lot of games. Like, this year, we play a lot of games as well but nothing compared to high-level every night like the league, playing guys like Taylor Brown.

You know, I played in one on one. But I feel like it'd be really fun to play, like, in a live game or whatever because, like, I know him. Collin Sexton, those guys, like, people I know and, like, the greats, LeBron, Curry, just great players, you know, I'm just ready to play those guys.