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Sears closes final store, Netflix wins big at Emmy Awards

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Brian Sozzi and Emily McCormick give their latest takes, including the spike in stories surrounding the close of Sears' last department store and the biggest takeaways from the 2021 Emmys as streaming services win big.

Video Transcript

EMILY MCCORMICK: Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live. We've got some hot takes in financial markets from Brian and myself for you now. And Brian one story I know that you've been watching this morning, and following for quite some time now is on Sears. And specifically on Sears remaining retail footprint, what's the story that you've been watching there?

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah. On Friday myself and pretty much every other news organization in the United States reported that the last Sears store in the company's hometown or backyard Illinois, was closing in mid-November. And that is in fact true, now Sears a spokesman sent me an email over the weekend saying, well, maybe that's not exactly true, he is noting that Sears still has 300. And I'm reading off my story here, 3 at large and small form at Sears and Kmart to open nationwide that are operated by franchised-- franchisees including 11 stores in Illinois. The bottom line is this, Emily Sears is no longer a retailer in the technical sense, they are a zombie retailer, they just exist out there until they eventually go away.

And people bought someone buys all the properties that are in fact for sale out there former Sears and Kmart stores, what it-- is just a play on words, what it closed in the store that it's closing in Illinois in November is still owned by Sears or better known now, as transformco. So it is correct that the Sears stores are-- continue to close, we don't normally count those stores owned by franchisees it's just not the same. I appreciate the spokesman trying there for Sears, we all have a job to do, and we have a job here to do it Yahoo fines, as well as report the facts and the fact is the final Sears store is closing in their backyard of Illinois in mid-November, Emily.

EMILY MCCORMICK: Absolutely, Brian. And of course, we always appreciate you taking a look at that story for us. But one of the stories that I was really watching over this weekend really was on the Emmys. And of course, our angle here at Yahoo Finance's really about what streaming services, what legacy networks and what sort of production companies really are the big winners here, and what does that mean for them? And if we take a look at the Emmys for this year we really saw Netflix being the big winner now, this company saw a total tally of 44 when we count up the Primetime Emmys, as well as the Creative Arts Emmys. We saw the Queen's Gambit for Netflix really be the standout there for that streaming studio winning outstanding limited series.

But one standout that I actually think was on Apple tv+, and we really saw a leap in terms of the number of Emmys that this streaming platform won this year versus last year. We saw Apple TV+ Nab 10 awards, last year of course far fewer than that and that of course included four Primetime Emmys. And I think one of the things that this really underscored for me, Brian is this was coming on the heels of Apple's iPhone event last week that actually had opened with a promo for a lot of the series coming out on Apple TV+, the new Ted Lasso series or the new Ted Lasso season. I should say, as well as the morning show the new season and I think there really is this push here, for Apple TV+ to become a formidable player in this space. We've seen them now, rising in their esteem at these Emmy Awards at least. So I think this is going to be a really interesting place to watch what do you think, Brian?

BRIAN SOZZI: What I think is I love me some crown, I need more episodes of The Crown from Netflix. I need more, and more, and more I need triple however, much they plan to make I need triple that number I love me The Crown. And in the Morning newsletter this morning the Morning Brief newsletter, Emily I talked about Netflix having a key event coming up on the 25th they're calling it a fan event they're going to really, they're going to showcase a lot of their upcoming content slate we've seen Netflix shares run up into this event. This is the first time they've ever had something like this could be a pretty, pretty big week for Netflix investors coming up.

EMILY MCCORMICK: Well, I'm absolutely with you on The Crown one of my favorite series as well, especially on Netflix.