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Seth Meyers's wife gave birth to their new son in the lobby of their apartment building

On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Seth Meyers revealed that his wife Alexi Ashe gave birth to their second child Sunday afternoon, and the crazy way it all went down.

Meyers shared, "We get into the lobby of our building. I have called an Uber. The Uber is outside and we basically get to the steps of our building, we're in the lobby, and we're walking down the steps and my wife just says, 'I can't get in the car, I'm going to have the baby right now, the baby is coming.'" Meyers explained that when when their first baby, Ashe, was born, it was a very dramatic experience because they thought they were going to give birth in the Uber. They ended up making it to the hospital with 20 minutes to spare. So, when his wife said she couldn't get into the Uber because she was going to have the baby right then and there, he thought he just needed to "calm her down." That is, until his wife told him that the baby was actually out.

"I looked at my wife, and the only way I can describe how my wife looked was she looked like someone who was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants," laughed Meyers. "It was like somebody was trying to like sneak a baby on a plane."  At that point, Meyers and his wife decided to bail on the Uber he called and went back into the lobby of their apartment building. And what happened next basically happened in a flash. "We just sort of, like, created, like, a semicircle around her and, you know, we undressed her and the baby was just out," explained Meyers. "The head of the baby was out. I called 911. This is how fast it happened. I called 911 and over the course of a minute conversation I basically said, 'We're about to have a baby, we're having a baby, we had a baby.'"

Meyers then shared pictures of what seemed like the entire fire department and NYPD in their lobby and, of course, a picture of their newborn baby boy, whom they named Axel Strahl Meyers. He then thanked everyone, including the other residents of their apartment building, for all of their love and assistance.

However, the number one person he wanted to thank was his wife. The host wrapped up his shocking, yet hilarious, story on a sweet note as he got choked up while talking about how much love and respect he has for her. "The speed in which she took this guy, and had him on her, and I watched them. I'm like - Oh my god. That kid's gonna be fine forever because of her. She's really amazing," said Meyers. He also added, "I just want to thank my beautiful wife Alexi, who is twice now an incredible rock star with these incredible deliveries and stories."