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Sexless 'Married at First Sight' Couple Make Shocking Decision on Decision Day

On Married at First Sight, Cody and Danielle had been married for nearly eight weeks and still had not had sex. With decision day looming they would have to to decide if they were going to stay together or get a divorce and end this marriage experiment. With so much talk about their lack of physical intimacy, Cody had a man to man talk with his buddy saying, "I mean, the one big thing is we still have not had sex, though." His pal was understandably surprised. "That's odd. Have you tried talking to her about it?"

The one thing Cody has definitely done is talk about it. Danielle has frequently called it "beating a dead horse" throughout the series. But Danielle simply wasn't ready so Cody and Danielle had a discussion about it in the kitchen. Cody asked, "What would you say is, like, the biggest thing holding you back from that?" Danielle said, "It's not like you're not attractive. You're attractive. You're a very awesome guy, and you have great -- great qualities."

And with that vote of confidence it seemed like decision day was pretty much going to be divorce day but shockingly Danielle and Cody both opted to stay married and keep working.

Cody was understandably full of high hopes saying, "We've had a lot of fun together, even without sex. But now all the documentation is over, so who knows, you know? Maybe tonight's gonna be the night."