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Shell taps new CEO, Disney looks to merge Hulu and Disney+, McDonald's CEO speaks on Chicago crime

Notable business headlines include Shell recruiting former employee Wael Sawan as the company’s next CEO, Disney CEO Bob Chapek considering a Hulu-Disney+ merge, and McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski speaking out against the effects crime in Chicago is having on employees.

Video Transcript


JULIE HYMAN: Some other headlines that we're watching now, oil giant Shell has named a new CEO to replace its longtime leader Ben van Beurden. Wael Sawan, head of Integrated Gas and Renewables is named as the next chief executive. Sawan expected to take over on January 1 while van Beurden will stay on as an advisor to the board until June. Sawan has worked at Shell for 25 years, recently overseeing the company's expansion into solar, wind, and hydrogen power.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek considering merging Disney Plus and Hulu onto one platform. This is something that there's been speculation about from the very beginning. Speaking at Goldman Sachs telecom and media conference, Chapek said the company is already moving more general entertainment onto the Disney platform. However, a merger would require Disney to buy Comcast's stake in Hulu sooner than its original 2024 deadline. Chapek says he wants to see that happen.

And McDonald's is raising concerns about safety in Chicago. CEO Chris Kempczinski says the chain's dealing with crime, homelessness, and drug use in its Chicago restaurants. McDonald's headquarters also located there in Chicago, where the company is trying to get workers to return to the office. According to the Chicago Police Department, crime in the city is up 38% compared to last year.