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Will Sig Hansen Allow Deckhand to Propose to his Daughter on 'Deadliest Catch'?

Last week on Deadliest Catch, young greenhorn Clark Pederson asked Sig Hansen, Captain of the Northwestern, for permission to marry his youngest daughter, Mandy. Poor Pederson was still waiting for an answer and Hansen was still mulling it over saying, "My gut says they can wait. Wait another 10 years for all I care. Mandy can have any boy she wants in my mind."

Pederson was doing all he could to impress his potential new father-in-law including cleaning off his captain chair and console. And although Clark proved to be very hygienic, Hansen decided to have a bit of fun with his very eager future son-in-law by asking the crew over speaker about Pederson.

"Does he hold air or is it just a facade? Is he one of them guys that pretends like he's all, you know, humble and respectful, or what? Or is he full of crap?" One of his crew members said, "He's humble and respectful, but he ain't real bright."

In the end, Clark was given the chance to pull in the last pot of the season. And if he got the pot, he got the girl. "Hey don't miss. Your future depends on it," said Hansen. Fortunately for Pederson he didn't miss and Hansen said "I think you got my answer. I hope she says 'yes', pal."