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Sig Hansen put to shame by his brother Edgar's record haul on 'Deadliest Catch'

With the bairdi season coming to a close on Deadliest Catch, captain Edgar Hansen and the crew of the Northwestern had only filled 14% of their target quota. The crew had very bad luck with the fishing where the boats main captain, Sig Hansen, had insisted they drop their pots.

After pulling 150 almost empty pots from Sig's string, Edgar decided to pull all the gear and move 120 miles west. His gamble ultimately paid off big time. After pulling two full pots up he said, "We doubled the crab we have on board from 150 pots. In two pots!"

Edgar was shocked when a few pots in they pulled up a pot with 271 clean bairdi crab in it. He said, "I've never seen nothing like this. I think the biggest pot we ever saw with bairdi since I ran the boat was I don't even know. Did we break 100, 150? I can't even remember."

It only took the Northwestern one pass through their gear to put over 60,000 pounds of bairdi on the boat. A shocked Edgar wondered, "When is the last time that happened?" He added, "I'm marking a notch in the bedpost on this one."