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Singer Ed Sheeran inspires ketchup-flavored ice cream

Ed Sheeran isn’t just in love with the “Shape of You,” he has a serious passion for ketchup. His obsession is so huge an ice cream shop in Ireland decided to create a ketchup flavor to honor the celebrity.

Sheeran doesn’t just enjoy the condiment — he’s a superfan! The English singer has the Heinz logo tattooed on his arm, pretty much letting everyone know he’s got ketchup on the brain 24/7. He even has a personalized bottle that’s labeled “Ed Sheeran’s favorite ketchup.”

An Irish outfit called Gelati ice cream has taken the tomato-based sauce and made it into ice cream — yes, ice cream! While the new dessert concoction has Twitter all sorts of confused, Gelati is doing it for Sheeran, because he (and maybe only he) can appreciate the flavor. “We @gelati_icecream decided to welcome Ed Sheeran back to Ireland by creating his favourite flavour: Tomato ketchup!!,” they wrote on Instagram.

The ice cream is red, of course, and is drizzled with ketchup on top. Michael O’Dowd, Gelati’s owner, told People that developing the flavor was a challenge. “It took a few attempts to balance the recipe,” O’Dowd said. “Otherwise it would melt straight away.”

If you’re a major fan of ketchup, like Sheeran, this may be the the dessert for you!