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Singing 'Donald Trump' Wins Popular Vote on 'America's Got Talent'

Donald Trump is in the news every day, so it was no surprise that there was a Trump impersonator on the season 14 premiere of America's Got Talent. Although, it was a surprise when the pseudo Trump broke out into song.

"Donald J. Trump," as he called himself, hit the stage with American flags waving and the audience booing. The fake Trump said, "We are going to make America's Got Talent great again. It's gonna be huge." Although, Howie Mandel had some words of caution for the Trump twin, saying, "This better be good, or they're gonna build a wall around you, and this audience is gonna pay for it." But once the fake Trump started performing, people on both sides of the aisle got on board.

The Trump impersonator yelled out, "Players! Put your pinky rings up to the moon" as Bruno Mars's "24K Magic" started playing and he started dancing around the stage. Trump singing about gold makes perfect sense, but that wasn't the only golden performance the singer-in-chief put on as he continued with another Bruno Mars hit.

By the end of "Uptown Funk," the pseudo Trump had almost everyone on his side, except for Mel B, who apparently joined the #NeverTrump movement. Mel said "Trump" wasn't that good of a singer, to which the fake president replied, "Many people are actually saying I am the best singer in the history of the universe."

While "Trump" couldn't win over everyone, he was finally able to win a majority of the votes and move on to the next round, where he'll likely face a Hillary Clinton impersonator.