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‘South Park’ rips white supremacists and blue collar workers for not changing with the times

South Park returned for its 21st season Wednesday night, and with its history of tackling controversial current events, it was no surprise that the premiere revolved around white supremacists. Although, the episode wasn’t about racism as much as it was about blue collar workers losing their jobs to cheaper labor. “They took our jobs!” has been a long-running joke on the show.

Confederate flag-waving people took to the streets of the tiny Colorado town to protest devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home taking their jobs. Randy interrupted their protest, saying, “Will you a**holes knock it off? Don't you know every time you wave Confederate flags around you make the rest of us look stupid?”

The episode also poked fun at house renovation shows when Randy started his own show called, White People Renovating Houses. The two storylines crossed when Randy decided to have the blue collar workers replace virtual assistants, Siri and Alexa. As if he were talking to Alexa, Randy said, “Hey, Darryl, add Carrara subway tile to my shopping list.” But Darryl’s response was “I ain't doin' it! This job is degrading and menial!” And that’s when the show took a sharp dig at some fading blue collar industries. Randy said, “Hey, Darryl. Coal mining and truck driving are not exactly jobs of the future, so add Carrara subway tile to my f**king shopping list!”

The comedic and sometimes absurd social commentary is what we’ve come to expect from South Park. Despite rumors that the show would distance itself from controversial current events, this season doesn’t appear to be any different.