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How the southern border impacts the Trump, Biden campaigns

President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump visited the southern border on Thursday as they continue their campaigns for the 2024 election. The passage of migrants through the southern border has been a top issue for voters during this election cycle.

Yahoo Finance Senior Columnist Rick Newman joins the Live show to discuss the candidates' visit to the border and other economic issues prevailing during this election season.

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Editor's note: This article was written by Nicholas Jacobino

Video Transcript

JOSH LIPTON: Now, President Biden and former President Trump both visiting the border this afternoon highlighting one of the key issues for Americans in the 2024 presidential race. Our own Rick Newman is here taking a closer look at that and other economic issues voters are eyeing. Rick.

RICK NEWMAN: All right. So dueling visits to the border for these two candidates. I mean, I think the most important takeaway here, President Trump, I mean, he's made immigration and border crossings. One of his key issues since he announced his first presidential run in 2015.

Biden not so much. I mean, this is not something he talked about in 2020 as a campaign issue. And he has discovered kind of late that immigration is a giant problem.

And this is really resonating with voters. I mean, we're seeing lots of surveys saying voters are increasingly worried about immigration. I mean, look at everything that's been happening.

We've had record flows of migrants across the border. Migrants are showing up in cities across the country, including Democratic ones such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even the mayors. And in those cities are saying we need some help here.

So Biden is late to this. I think the question is this immigration bill that could have made a difference is not going to get through Congress apparently. So Donald Trump had a role in that.

He was telling Republicans in the Senate and the House don't vote for this. So it's not even going to get a vote. So Biden has to figure out what he can do without congressional legislation.

I mean, immigration is a complete mess. It's a thorny problem. Everybody knowledgeable about this says you need legislation to fix this. The president cannot fix it on his own.

But Biden's probably going to try. So by the time of the State of the Union speech next-- I think it's next Thursday, I think a lot of people are expecting Biden is going to come out with something new about immigration.

JULIE HYMAN: And then presumably, if he tries something legislatively will try to position the Republicans as being against it if they don't support his version.

RICK NEWMAN: That's right. So he's got to play this bank shot, which is Trump is the one always stumping his-- Trump did a really good job branding himself as the guy with the border wall, right?

JULIE HYMAN: The wall didn't get built, did it?

RICK NEWMAN: Parts of it did. Yeah. I mean, some of it went up and that all stopped. And I think some of it has even come down.

You know, Trump knows how to brand himself. And look, I mean, Trump was actually passionate about this issue right or wrong. I mean, he really did care about stopping the flow of migrants.

This is just not something that Biden has spent much energy or much political capital on. So he didn't-- when it's not your main issue, you don't have as much sway on Capitol Hill to get something done when you say, oh, by the way, now that this has become a problem, let's get this done.

It's just never been a Democratic-- the Democratic issue on this when Trump was president was basically stop the cruelty with children in cages and everything at the border. So Democrats are in a bind on this.

And it is Biden's worst issue in the polls. Voters give him the worst marks on immigration. And it's pretty hard to like change the story with just eight months left until the election.

JULIE HYMAN: Oh, and these are live pictures, by the way, of the president at the border. As you said of dueling appearances by--

RICK NEWMAN: And Trump is there I think, right? At the same time, someplace else.


RICK NEWMAN: Thank God they're not at the same-- not at the same spot.

JULIE HYMAN: Yes, that would be intriguing. Maybe an impromptu debate.

RICK NEWMAN: Maybe we should have an immigration debate at the border.

JOSH LIPTON: Governor Abbott there as well, you just saw, too.


JULIE HYMAN: All right. Thanks, Rick. Appreciate it.