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Stag Arms To Design Connecticut-Legal AR-15 Rifle

Connecticut`s historic gun law signed by Governor Dannel Malloy went into effect last month, signed April 4, but the state is giving gun manufacturers and gun shops until June 1 to understand and apply the laws to their businesses. Gun shop owners like Mark Malkowski, owner of Stag Arms, have said they should have been given more time to interpret it before it went to law. Stag Arms, producer of the AR-15 in Connecticut, said it was considering moving out of Connecticut when the new law passed because the gun cannot be sold here, only out of state. The owner tells FoxCT he has a new idea now to build a Connecticut-legal version of an AR 15, designing three new guns, one with a different calibre than the original, and two that lack the now illegal features.Malkowski will submit the versions to the state police firearms division for approval next week. This all as the state set a June 1 deadline to answer consumer and retailer questions on the new gun law.