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Starbucks will Lyft U.S. workers to the polls on Election Day

Starbucks is teaming up with Lyft to make sure the company’s workers have a ride to the polls on Election Day. Yahoo Finance’s Julia La Roche joins Zack Guzman to break down the details.

Video Transcript

ZACK GUZMAN: Of course, this is an election year. The election's coming up. Less than a month away from the big day, and one company, Starbucks, is putting money where their mouth is in terms of showing they care about getting people to the polls, and here to check that with us is Yahoo Finance's Julia La Roche. Julia.

JULIA LA ROCHE: Well, yeah, that's right, Zack. You are seeing more and more companies start to come out initiatives around this election, getting folks to participate in our democracy by casting their ballots in what is already shaped up to be an incredibly polarizing election. And if you go back to August, Starbucks kind of announced, well, their CEO, rather, kind of issued a call to make sure that their voices are heard. In other words, Starbucks employs 200,000 partners, in other words, these are their employees, in the US, and they want to get them to the polls or at least get their ballots cast so they're basically saying they do not have to choose between working or making their voice heard.

And now through November 3, the company will pay for them to take a Lyft to the polls to cast a ballot or take a Lyft to the polls to work as a poll worker or even drop their ballot off at their local drop off location or post office, what have you. But the Lyft ride, it's a free one way ride up to $75 for each employee, and as I was mentioning earlier, builds upon CEO Kevin Johnson's call back in August nudging the employees or encouraging them to participate. He wrote in a letter at the time, he didn't come out with a new statement around the news today, but at time he said, quote, "The upcoming election is a reminder that we, as citizens, play an active role in our society by simply getting involved in voting. Who you vote for is a very personal decision that you make as a citizen."

He also added that it is one way for you to be heard. It is how democracy works. He also says, yet, we know barriers exist. Notably in Black and brown communities throughout the nation that lend to systemic racism and require a greater voter access and protections. Now, part of this is it builds into a bigger program from Starbucks around promoting civil rights for its partners, the employees, the customers and the communities. If you were using the Starbucks mobile app, you may have noticed they were featuring information on how to register to vote, how to find your local polling place. They've also provided all of their employers, all their employees, rather, a web page called FuelOurDemocracy.com that provides a lot of nonpartisan information on you know, how to access and get to the polls.

ZACK GUZMAN: Yeah, and I mean, Lyft shares are up by more than 1% today. Uber shares are off by about that same margin. Read into that what you will. But the offer, interestingly also covering drop offs to get to the-- to drop off about the post office or another voting location, so not limited to just getting to the polls themselves. But Julia La Roche, very interesting push there by Starbucks. Appreciate you bringing us that.