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Stephen Colbert Drinks Vodka, Colludes With Russian Late Night Host

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert kicked off it's "Russia Week" by sharing Colbert's visit to the only Russian late night show, Evening Urgant. While there, Stephen played the vodka drinking game "Russian Russian Roulette" and toasted with his new comrades.

The state run late night show is hosted by Ivan Urgant, who likens himself most to Jimmy Fallon in the United States. Much like Fallon, Urgant likes to play silly games.

"Russian Russian Roulette" is when you spin a wheel of vodka shots and consume whatever shot is spun. However Colbert soon realized that there were no winners, only drinkers. He asked Urgant, "Is this all vodka?" to which the host replied, "Well, naturally."

Colbert toasted the host and the good people of Russia saying "To the beautiful and friendly Russian people, I don't understand why no members of the Trump administration can remember meeting you." And judging by the applause, Colbert has quite a few fans in Russia.

Urgant was such a big fan of Colbert that he joked, "We will do everything possible on our end to help you become the president."