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Stephen Colbert Finds Common Ground With Russian People

Russia Week continued on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, as the host showed another video of his time in the foreign country. There have been many allegations swirling around Russia recently. So Colbert went to St. Petersburg to see how the people there felt about those allegations, and to, hopefully, find some common ground.

While he was there, Colbert tried to root out some of the infamous Russian hackers who allegedly influenced our election. After caressing one gentleman's beard, Colbert asked him if he was a hacker. When the bearded gentleman said no, Colbert asked, "If you were a hacker, would you admit that you're a hacker?" And when the guy said he wouldn't, Colbert joked, "That's as good as admitting it right now."

One of Trump's campaign promises was to build a wall along the Mexico border, and Colbert thought he'd try to help Trump fulfill that promise. While talking to the same bearded man, who is definitely not a hacker (Or is he?), Colbert brought up the wall, asking, "You guys built a really good one in Berlin, and you're not using it anymore, can we have it?" The gentleman said, "Well, I think the Germans do," and Colbert responded with, "The Germans took it? That's so like them."