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Stephen Colbert's Accident Costs Hannibal Buress $425

Comedian Hannibal Buress got all dressed up for his appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Hannibal was fidgeting with the tag in his jacket, and when Colbert asked if he could help him, Hannibal responded with, "I didn't take the tag off. I'm taking it back tomorrow. I just bought this for your show." Although, Colbert might have accidentally violated the return policy.

As Colbert was pointing out the $425 price tag connected to the collar of Hannibal's jacket, he accidentally knocked over a mug of water onto the comedian's lap. Hannibal took it in stride, and laughed of the accidental spillage, while Colbert attempted to make him feel better by dumping the rest of the water on his lap.

Hannibal should be used to this type of treatment as he's the co-host on The Eric Andre Show, where crazy mishaps are the norm. And Colbert asked Hannibal a question that had a little bit of foreshadowing. The Late Show host asked, "A lot of things happen on that show that are completely unexpected for the guest. Are you ever, as one of the cast members of that show, are you ever also surprised by what, say, comes out of his coffee mug?"

Little did Hannibal know that he would be surprised by what came out of Colbert's coffee mug. But at least he got a free jacket out of the ordeal. Colbert jokingly asked, "Did just buy that jacket?" to which Hannibal replied, "Yeah, can I borrow $425."