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Steve Harvey Gets Grilled Over His Car by 6-year-old Environmentalist on 'Little Big Shots'

Steve Harvey had the screws put to him on Little Big Shots when a 6-year-old environmentalist named Henry pointed out that maintaining a clean environment is everyone's responsibility -- including Harvey's.

When Harvey asked the boy, "What should people be doing to help the planet?" he assumed the child would speak in broad terms but that wasn't the case at all. The boy actually focused on what Steve Harvey could be doing to help the planet. Henry immediately responded, "How big is your car?"

According to his Instagram account, Harvey drives a Bentley Mulsanne which costs around $300k, gets 11 mpg in the city, and weighs nearly 3 tons. So needless to say he started sweating with the child persisted.

Sensing that Harvey drove a large car, the boy simply said, "Steve Harvey, take a bus." This drew laughs from the crowd as Harvey squirmed under the child's innocent scrutiny. Harvey argued the bus "used more gas" than his car and that people would talk if he rode the bus, saying "Wow, Steve ain't doing good."

In the end, to show there were no hard feelings, Harvey gave the boy a tree and informed him that the show was going to plant 1,000 in his name. They also named Henry the Little Big Shot Environmentalist of the Year.