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Steve Harvey Impressed by Kid of Comedy on 'Little Big Shots'

Young Nathan Bockstahler, brought his hilarious and adorable 7-year-old self to Little Big Shots impressing funny man, Steve Harvey. Since Nathan's a bit of an anecdotal comic, he talked about what he knows best - his mom. Saying, "When I was little, you know, back when I was just a kid. If I got even the tiniest bit of dirt in my mouth, Mom would lose her mind! It was like DEFCON 7!"

He went on to poke more fun at his Mom's shopping habits saying "I remember this one time when my mom told me we were going in Target for 'a minute.' Ohhh, boy, did I learn what a minute in Target means."

Nathan's charm won the audience over but Steve Harvey was very impressed by his timing saying, "That right there is timing. You can't teach that. That's what I liked about you, man. You have natural timing, man."