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Steve Harvey's Hilarious Version of Ray Charles's 'Georgia On My Mind'

Steve Harvey joined 10-year-old piano boy Brandon Goldberg on the season finale of Little Big Shots. Brandon was a standout performer during the show's first season, so Steve brought him back for an encore performance. And while Brandon knew a lot of music off the top of his head, Steve had to improvise his way through some of the songs.

Steve asked the crowd if they had any requests, and when someone hollered out, "Ray Charles," the host suggested they play "Georgia." The only problem was that Steve didn't know all the lyrics to the song. So he started singing, "I don't know none of the words, to none of these songs, I just know "Georgia." Steve then went on to sing about the things he does know about Georgia. He sang, "I said Georgia, right next to Alabama, sits dead on top of Florida, too." Steve finished the song-slash-geography lesson with, "If you drive a little further east, oh, you'll be in South Carolina, and that's as far as I can see."

While we're guessing that Ray Charles never intended his classic song to be so educational, Steve's remix could be sung in geography classes across America.