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Steve Harvey's Mind Blown By 71-Year Old Chinese Pole Dancer

On Little Big Shots: Forever Young, Steve Harvey was visited by a pole dancer from Chengdu, China who blew his mind and it wasn’t just because of her dancing skills.

After Harvey shared with Dolly that he was 60 years old, the dancer told him that she thought he was only 40, which obviously made Harvey real happy. Harvey then asked Dolly how old she was and was utterly shocked when she said she was 71. “You look like you’re about 23,” said Harvey. “How do you stay so young-looking?” Like anyone else, Harvey had to know what her secret is. Dolly shared that she likes to go out, work out in the gym and dance… pole dancing to be exact.

Hello, Dolly!

Dolly could give any 23-year old a run for their money because she absolutely slayed her pole-dancing routine and Harvey watched the whole thing with his jaw dropped. Following her performance, Harvey even told the audience, “We got to go get our life together. Yeah. We’re doing something wrong. She’s 71, looks like that, and on a pole.”