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Stocks extend losses ahead of Thursday's close, ARK components show signs of rally

Markets ended the day in the red, with the energy and utilities sectors among the biggest laggards, while ARKK components like Roku and Intellia moved to the upside.

Video Transcript


DAVE BRIGGS: All right, just a couple of minutes from the closing bell. Let's bring in Yahoo Finance's Jared Blikre to break down the market action. Where are we headed?

JARED BLIKRE: We are headed down, unfortunately. S&P 500 down about 1.1%. NASDAQ off a little bit more.

Want to take a look at what's been happening. We took a little leg lower. And that was on the break of 3,900. Looks to be a technical event, didn't see anything on the terminal. Nevertheless, let's check out the sector action. And things are looking a little bit more red than they were an hour ago. Now, only healthcare and financials, those are the two sectors in the green. Meanwhile, energy still in the red, the biggest laggard of the day. Along with utilities, tech, real estate, all of those down more than 2%.

Take a look at the leadersboard. Interesting to see ARKK at the very top. That's up 2% followed by regional banks, and then some retail, biotech, and then gambling, all of those in the green. But to the downside, solar energy taking it on the chin while software also taking a hit. That's IGV. That is a software ETF.

And if you want to take a look at sentiment. Well, take a look at the meme stocks today because we are seeing HKD, that is a storied stock over the last six weeks or so, that's down 31%. Palantir up almost 5%. GameStop just kind of treading water up over 1% there. Not seeing too many patterns.

We have been tracking the transports today. United Airlines still up more than 1%. Carnival Cruise lines up 3%. Royal up 4%, but off of their highs that we've been tracking here today.

And I said ARKK was in the green. Here are some of the components. And in fact, we are seeing a lot of these guys giving some decent gains. Roku is up 8%. BEAM is up 6 and 1/2%. PATH up over 5%.

And let's take a look at the EV space, as we head into that closing bell. Kind of a mixed board, but Ford in the green for over 1%. Li Auto down 3%. XPeng down 3% as well, guys.