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Stocks on the move: DraftKings falls as more NFL players test positive for COVID-19, Levi's rises on strong online sales

Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman breaks down the stocks to watch Wednesday.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: Just want to bring you a couple of stocks that are on the move today. One of them is DraftKings. Those shares are off by about 4 and 1/2 percent. The company is pricing its previously-announced 32 million share offering at $52 a share. The shares are trading about $1 above that level right now. Also, there are more developments with positive coronavirus tests in the NFL. And we tend to see DraftKings react to those types of developments.

We've got the Patriots' star quarterback Stephon Gilmore as well as two Raider-- a Raiders player, excuse me, and two players on the Titans that have now tested positive. The Titan's plan to reopen its facilities has been halted. Remember, the Titans are scheduled to host the Bills on Sunday. So we'll see if that gets postponed and what effect that has on sports and on sports betting.

And then we're watching Levi. Levi Strauss the jeans company, of course, those shares are up about 7%. The company said overall sales fell 27% last quarter. Net income was down 78%. But those figures were better than estimated. And online sales were up by 52% last quarter. So that's what's behind the bump up in those shares.