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Stocks on the move: Tesla, Netflix, Lululemon, RH

Yahoo Finance's Ines Ferre joins the Live show to break down how stocks are performing following UMich consumer sentiment data.

Video Transcript


JULIE HYMAN: All right, let's get over to Yahoo Finance's Ines Ferré at the YFi Interactive for more on reaction to this report and just generally what's going on, Ines.

INES FERRÉ: Yeah, well, we did see the S&P 500 right now had-- that has flipped into green territory. Just barely, so it's basically around the flatline. But these are the sectors that we're watching. And we have been seeing energy stock taking a little bit of a dip.

But I want to pull up a five-day chart so we're going to see where we're going to end the week if we continue on this pace throughout the day today. XLE the biggest loser for the week along with communications services and also consumer discretionary.

Sticking to that five-day chart, we are watching the NASDAQ 100. And you can see a little bit of a mixed picture here the mega caps for the week being down.

Over on the intraday, we are seeing today that Tesla is up more than 2%. You've got Netflix that's up more than 4%. This is after an upgrade at both at Wells Fargo and also at Cowen. And then Lululemon down 11%, after its results.

And just as Sozzi was mentioning, RH, after Gary Friedman the CEO talking about the housing market yesterday, you're looking at RH down 3%. And this is important because as housing goes so the economy goes. And so if we do see this housing market that is collapsing, as he was mentioning, some people saying, it's really arrested. It's been arrested.

I mean, there's nothing happening in the housing market. And so what this happens is that then you see jobs of construction jobs going. And then you're seeing that dribble into the rest of the economy.

BRIAN SOZZI: It's the blow up in crypto. All those crypto people they can't afford the RH Furniture anymore.


That stuff's expensive.

JULIE HYMAN: I mean, but a pause is not a collapse, right? So like--

INES FERRÉ: Yeah, that's right.

JULIE HYMAN: --I would quibble with his collapse characterization perhaps a little bit. But we'll see what the numbers continue to show. Thanks, Ines.