Stocks moving in after hours: Intel, KLA Corp., Visa, Hasbro, Salesforce

Yahoo Finance Live anchor Seana Smith looks at several stocks trending in the after-hours trading session.

Video Transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: All right, Seana, let's check out what's moving after-hours.

SEANA SMITH: All right, we've got a lot to take a look at here, Dave. We have Intel, KLA, Visa, Hasbro, and Salesforce. Kicking it off with Intel, that stock off just about 8% here after-hours. A weak report here from the company, missing on both the top and bottom lines, their guidance coming in a bit light. We certainly are seeing that reflected in the after-hours move here.

The CFO of Intel saying that they did take steps to rightsize the business in Q4. We know there are cost cutting efforts. They're looking to cut $3 billion in costs this year, up to $10 billion in 2025. Over the last three months, the stock has gotten a bit of a boost here, up just about 10 and 1/2%, nearly giving all of that back, though, in extended trading.

Taking a look at KLA, that stock also under a bit of pressure, off just about 5% right now. The company's sinking as the outlook disappointed. This, of course, follows that drop in the chip demand. So Intel, KLA, those reports disappointing. We're seeing that also reflected in some of those competitors out there. Nvidia stock under pressure, Qualcomm stock under pressure here after-hours. So a couple of names to keep in mind ahead of tomorrow's opening bell.

Taking a look at Hasbro, that stock off just about 9% of huge headlines here. They announced their preliminary results, cutting 1,000 jobs, 15% of their workforce. President and COO here, Eric Neiman, will also be leaving the company. The prelim Q4 revenue number missed, EPS coming in a bit light. Holiday sales, quote, "underperformed." Certainly, we're seeing that reflected in that 9% drop.

Taking a look at Visa, that stock up just about 1 and 1/2% here. The company beating on both the top and the bottom lines. Payment volume up 7%. Visa also saying that effective February 1st, Ryan McInerney will be taking over as CEO. Again, we're looking at gains here after-hours.

Rounding it out with Salesforce, that stock under a bit of pressure after popping here in intraday trading, but off just about a half of a percent. A Wall Street Journal report now out saying that Elliott is preparing to nominate directors at Salesforce. It didn't name any specific names, but clearly a battle is heating up for some of those board seats.

Now the Journal reports followed the Bloomberg report that we got out earlier this afternoon, saying that Salesforce is discussing appointing a new board member. Some of those names that were being discussed, former Carnival CEO Arnold Donald, Mastercard CFO Sachin Mehra. Now this is for Salesforce. Wall Street Journal now reporting that Elliott is preparing to nominate its own directors here for Salesforce. Again, the stock up, barely in positive territory over the last few months, up just about 3%.