Stocks moving in after hours: Lennar, Freshpet, Guess, First Republic Bank, Charles Schwab, Zions

Yahoo Finance Live’s Seana Smith checks out several stocks trending in the after-hours trading session.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: Let's take a look at a couple stocks trending after hours. We've got four names for you up on the board, Lennar, Freshpet, Guess, and First Republic Bank.

Kicking it off with Lennar. Looking at gains of just about 3% in extended trading. This move has to do with the guidance that we just got out here from the homebuilder. They boosted their delivery guidance for the second quarter and also for the full year. The Street obviously very excited about that.

EPS, their profit also coming in better than expected. So we're looking at gains of just about 3%.

Moving on to Freshpet. A bit of a different story here with the stock off nearly 10% in extended trading. Some the headlines here crossing that the company is now looking to raise some financing, announcing $350 million in convertible notes-- senior note offerings here for the company as it does look to tap some financing. So we're looking at losses of nearly 10%.

When you take a look at the longer-term chart of Freshpet, if we can flip over to that, year to date, we're looking at gains of just about 5%. Over the last year, though, the stock off just about 34%.

Let's take a look at Guess. That stock off just about 8% in extended trading. The retailer disappointing the Street. Adjusted EPS, it did beat, but this was all about the guidance. The guidance missing expectations. They do see 2024 adjusted EPS of $2.46 to $2.80. Well, the Street was looking for $3.55, so coming up very short there.

Over the past year, we're looking at gains of just about 22%. Year to date since January 1, just barely in the green.

Now let's take a look at First Republic Bank. This stock, of course, has been on our radar now for a number of days in extended trading. We're looking at a pop of just about 12%, adding to the gains that we saw intraday. Although the gains that we are seeing that we did see today coming after a massive drop here in the stock. Intraday closing up just about 26%.

But if you look at a five-day chart, the shares are still down about 65%. First Republic Bank one of the regional banks that have been caught up in the aftermath, some of the selling that we have seen within this industry following the collapse of silver bank-- Silicon Valley Bank, excuse me, on Friday and then also Silvergate over the weekend.

Charles Schwab, that stock up just about 3/10 of a percent, and Zions, that stock up just about 2%. Dave.

DAVE BRIGGS: Seana, thank you. That'll do it for us.