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Stocks moving in after hours: Lyft, Block, DoorDash, Coinbase

Yahoo Finance Live's Seana Smith examines several trending stocks in the after-hours trading session.

Video Transcript

- All right, Akiko. Let's take a look at four movers here after hours all to do with earnings. We have Lyft blocked DoorDash, and Coinbase.

Kicking it off with Lyft. We're looking at losses of just about 12% in extended trading. The company's guidance for the current quarter, second quarter coming in a bit light. Also, active riders for its first quarter coming in below the Street's expectations at 19.6 million. Still below the levels that we saw pre-pandemic. And that was just around 22.9 million riders.

So when you take into account, shares off, just about 14% in extended trading. Year to date ahead of these results. It was off just about 3% over the last year. We know Lyft has been under tremendous amount of pressure with shares off. Just about 50%.

Moving on to block here in extended trading, that stock up nearly 3%. Now, the company beating on both the top and bottom lines. Q1 gross payment volume coming in better than expected 51.1 billion.

The company also boosting its full-year outlook on the jump. That it's seeing in its Cash App here. So extended trading up just about 2% over the past year, though. Block has been one of the names that has just been under pressure most recently also year to date, year to date. We're looking at losses of just about 4% over the last year. Losses of 43%.

Moving on to DoorDash. More people are ordering delivery, that certainly is apparent here, from these most recent results. Revenue coming in better than expected at just over 2 billion. That's up 40% on a year over year basis.

Q1 orders also better than expected. 512 million in extended trading. We're looking at gains of just about 6%. And this stock has certainly been off to a strong start this year with gains of nearly 30%.

And rounding it out with Coinbase. Now, that stock has been a bit of a different story over the past year. Year to date, it's regained some of that momentum.

But in extended trading, it's actually moving to the upside, up just about 7% revenue. Did beat the company also reporting a narrower than expected quarterly loss. So on the top and bottom lines in relation to what the Street was expecting, these numbers don't look too bad. But on a year over year basis, we're looking at revenue off 34% from what it was just a year ago.

Transaction revenue off 63%. And also, just in terms of the company warning, that it does expect a sequential decline in subscription revenues. And that could be potentially worse in here for the company. Year to date, we've regained some of our momentum with shares up just about 39% over the past year still looking at losses of about 62%. Akiko.

- 62%. That is still a very steep loss there. Coinbase, of course, also facing a lot of challenges on the regulation front. We were just talking yesterday about the company launching that international exchange, or a few days ago about launching that international exchange largely to try, and generate more business as they face. Some pressure from the SEC here in the US.