U.S. Markets closed

Stocks open higher after S&P 500 slides to 2022 low

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss how stocks opened to start Tuesday morning.

Video Transcript


JULIE HYMAN: Now we've got Livewire ringing the opening bell on this Tuesday morning. Livewire is the electric motorcycle spinoff from Harley Davidson. And we are going to be speaking a little bit later to Jochen Zeitz, who is the CEO of the company, right?

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah, it's weird because I used to cover Harley. I used to be a beat reporter way back when. And I remember when they launched this electric bike, and they were really pitching it as something that would change the bike industry. It hasn't happened yet because the pricing--

BRAD SMITH: The pricing is too high.

BRIAN SOZZI: The pricing has been high. And this is cool technology. And I'm not seeing a lot of their competitors doing this, but still, it's that price point. You're a bike guy. You get it.

BRAD SMITH: Yeah, when they brought it to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange pre-pandemic in the before times, they were looking at pricing of 29,000 it hit the market with. It's since continued to come down. And there is a larger question of, of course, what will be that average selling price that they see, given that they've got multiple tiers that they're going to be releasing all the way through fiscal year 2026. So we're going to discuss that with the CEO later on in the show.

JULIE HYMAN: And just a very, very quick note here. I'm looking at the sectors here out of the gate. And just as we saw the broad based decline yesterday, we're seeing broad based advance-- consumer discretionary, tech. I know you like the sector check, Brad. So we're seeing up across the board here for all the different sectors within the S&P 500.