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Stocks open mixed amid earnings, Google stock gains

Yahoo Finance Live’s Brad Smith breaks down how stocks are moving after the opening bell.

Video Transcript


BRAD SMITH: The pen is great. That's the only fact they need.

- That's an also fact. That's also a fact.

- Brad, I'm [? writing ?] you into the big board shortly. There you have that opening bell here on Wall Street. M&T Bank-- they're a bank with lots of money in that vault-- they're ringing that opening bell on Wall Street to kick off this Friday.

Julie, a lot has happened this week in the markets. You had AI stocks giving back a lot of gains. You've had investors dealing with a lot of hawkishness from various Fed members-- lots to digest. Then, oh, yeah, you have results out of companies like Lyft that are just abysmal.

- Well, and there's also been the AI craze--

- Yep.

- --which is now, already in the course of the week-- it's because I wrote about it in the Morning Brief-- has now come back--

- You were the top.

- Yeah, I was the top. It's now coming back to Earth. Those stocks are down today, over the past couple of days. But you're gonna talk much more about artificial intelligence--

- I am the bottom.

- --the craze that's been sweeping the nation--

- Yes.

- --over the past week. But in the meantime, Brad Smith, still pen in hand--

- Yeah.

- --is over there at the board telling us what's going on.

BRAD SMITH: Dow Jones Industrial average starting off the day flat, just barely to the upside there-- green. We'll call it green right now. We'll see exactly where it kind of teeters and totters from there. Oop, it's red.

All right, NASDAQ composite-- you're seeing that to the downside. That's lower by about half a percent right now out of the gate. The S&P 500, you're also seeing that down by about 1/10 of a percent.

Let's take a look at some of the sector activity here on the day. There we've got the 11 S&P 500 sectors-- energy, you're seeing that higher by about 1.9%, XLY, though, bringing up the caboose. It's down by about 8/10 of a percent here.

So you've got more laggards than leaders. And the NASDAQ composite-- let's take a look at the tech-heavy average. We'll put this on equal. There's a lot of red here on the day.

Bringing up the caboose, you got JD.com-- my goodness-- down 3.6%. However, a company we don't talk about a ton but deserves a little bit of a shoutout here today-- why? Because they're leading the pack, having a Good Fri-yay, it's up 6.4%. It's Dexcom as well.

PayPal, we were just discussing them. And you've got a host of other names. Google, interestingly-- we were talking about AI a moment ago-- they've had a little bit of a rough go at it this week-- Bard really gonna have to make some friends.

- Can you hit a five-day on that Alphabet chart?

BRAD SMITH: No doubt-- can do anything you guys would like. Here we go, five days. Alphabet--

- Yeah.

BRAD SMITH: Alpha Google.

- There you see it.

- Bard has been barf for Alphabet stock.

- Ooh.

- I mean, that has just been a brutal week. Cue that drum.