U.S. Markets close in 5 hrs 38 mins

Stocks trade higher to start the week, energy leads sector gains

Yahoo Finance Live anchor Seana Smith looks at how stocks are performing in the final hour of trading.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: I'm Seana Smith alongside Dave Briggs. Let's get you up to speed on the market action this afternoon. Once again, we are looking at gains for another day. Dow moving to the upside. Now up just about 200 points, bringing that four-day gain that we have to nearly 4%. The NASDAQ also moving to the upside, up about 6% in the past four days. S&P now above 4100, up 5% in the past four days.

Taking a look at the action that we've seen in the Treasury market in bonds. A bit of a mixed picture here today. But the three year-- excuse me, sorry. The 10-year moving to the upside. Yields at 3.36%. Dollar pulling back just a bit once again today. Taking a look at some of the leadership that we are seeing inside some of the major averages. Let's start with the Dow. We have Apple up nearly 4% today, flirting with its best day that we have seen in just about three months. The move to the upside coming on the heels of some strong pre-order iPhone data here. So that's giving that stock a pop today.

And then more broadly speaking taking a look at the sector action. All 11 of the S&P sectors moving to the upside. The leadership today from technology as well as energy. Communications up just about 2/10 of a percent, as well as consumer staples. So all 11, Dave, of the S&P sectors in the green this afternoon.