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The story behind Princess Leia's golden bikini

After a troubled production history, Solo: A Star Wars Story finally soars into theaters on Memorial Day weekend seeking to transport moviegoers back to George Lucas's far, far away galaxy. Thirty-five years ago, some of those same fans believed they were making that same journey for the last time. On May 25, 1983 — six years after the original Star Wars remade Hollywood in its image — Lucas brought his saga to an end with the trilogy-capping Return of the Jedi. It's the film that introduced the Ewoks, blew up another Death Star, unfroze Han Solo from his carbonite grave, and gave us a father-son lightsaber battle for the ages. But Jedi's most enduring contribution to the Star Wars series, not to mention pop culture at large, isn't a single action sequence or line of dialogue. Instead, it's a single costume: the golden bikini worn by Carrie Fisher's galactic bad-ass, Leia Organa. (Watch our tribute video above.)